Cerastone Ceramic cookware Reviews


Did you know that most cooking pans sold today can be toxic? The truth is that they contain Polytetrafluoroethylene or PRFE, which is toxic. If it penetrates into the food we eat or the air we breathe, PRFE could endanger our lives. This is where ceramic cookery sets come in. Besides featuring a very high quality craftsmanship, ceramic pots cook delicious food with no traces of toxins. As well, they boast a non-stick coating unlike other pans sold by numerous brands out there. They are the delight of top chefs and refined housewives.

Cerastone Ceramic cookware – What it is all about

Cerastone is a top brand that makes high quality cookware with ceramic and titanium coated surfaces. Ceramic-titanium coated surfaces do not trap stains and are free from toxins like PTFE or PFOA (perfluorooctanoid acid). Selling scientifically researched and tested cookware, Cerastone renowned cookware sets are a must-have.

Not only are their non-stick, stain-resistant surfaces easy clean, but also very smooth and long-lasting. Their pots also have highly polished, stainless steel handles and induction bottoms that make them more energy efficient. The handles are oven-safe too, giving you total freedom when cooking.

Cerastone claims to hold nothing else more important than safety when preparing meals for the family. That’s why it makes cooking pots that lack toxins or chemicals, ensuring that the customer cooks healthy and tasty meals all the times. The item’s outer side or body is made of aluminum, and you already know that it boasts high thermal conductivity and that it lasts longer.

Above all, aluminum is lightweight compared to iron or steel. Whether you want to use these pots and pans on induction stoves, gas or electric cookers, they are totally safe and efficient. They will meet all your cooking needs even though you prefer to fry, roast or saute your dishes. The pans have properly fitting lids.


  • Guarantees healthy and safe cooking – Cerastone ceramic cookware sets are free from dangerous chemicals, including perfluorooctanoid acid and Polytetrafluoroethylene. As a result, you can cook delicious and healthy meals each time.
  • Oven-safe handles – Not only are handles made of the highly polished stainless-steel. It cannot get burnt or damaged when the pan is placed in the oven.
  • Non-stick, stain-resistant surfaces – When using Cerastone ceramic cookware sets, you won’t have to use a lot of cooking oil. These utensils are coated with ceramic and titanium on the inner side, meaning that food like eggs, tomatoes, potatoes, cheese and related food do not stick. Besides, these pans give you peace of mind when cooking as the food cannot get burnt easily.
  • Easy to clean – Pans and pots are easy to clean if they are non-stick. The smooth, shiny surfaces can easily be wiped with a piece of cloth or sponge and clean water. The task is easy and quick, and to some extent more enjoyable than when cleaning pots with sticky surfaces.
  • Aluminium body – As you know, aluminum is chosen by many manufacturers who make kitchen utensils. Cerastone is not any different. In addition to using aluminum to manufacture the body, the company uses stainless steel for the handles and ceramic for the inner coat. In the end you get just one pot with the most valued kitchen utensils construction materials.


  • Not enough reviews – It is too early to tell how bad CeraStone pots are because the brand is relatively new and there are few people who are bought and used its ceramic pans. However, According to a few prior users, the ceramic coat is not made to last that long. Constantly used pans might get scratches sooner than later. But it might be because the owners didn’t care for their utensils the way the manufacturer wants.

Since CeraStone ceramic cookware is relatively affordable, and the pots are non-stick, there is no reason not to try them.  The product is a set of pans created for different purposes. So, if you want to own pans that don’t need to be pre-soak before cleaning, these are your best bet.  Though Cerastone is a relatively new brand, compared to many of those you already know, it seems to have great products. This statement is based upon the few positive reviews the brand’s utensils have received. If you want to try its pan sets, just go ahead and get a direct experience.