Fissler Cookware Reviews


Sometimes known as express cookers, pressure cookers were initially thought of as dangerous kitchen appliances; there were several instances when these were known to explode. This is mainly because the early models carried only one safety valve and were poorly maintained. Hence the risk of explosion was quite high.

However, in recent times, innovations have been made in the various models of pressure cookers, primarily through the efforts of companies such as Fissler. These more modern and safer brands of Fissler pressure cookers feature lighter materials, making them more than just the ordinary kitchen appliances. These appliances can even be brought and used outdoors. More significantly, these modern-day pressure cooker models carry built-in safety features that have made the dangers of explosion among these appliances practically non-existent.

Fissler pressure cookers are undoubted among the better-known brands. A recent entry in the American market, Fissler pressure cookers are the creation of the Germany-based company Fissler, which has been in the business of cookware manufacturing for around 160 years. Apart from Fissler pressure cookers, the company also manufactures various kitchen and cookware sets.

Fissler cookware reviews

This innovative stainless steel pressure cooker from Germany comes in several different models. These Fissler pressure cookers are perfect for cooking a wide array of recipes, ranging from nutritious vegetable dishes to flavorful cheesecakes. Soups, stewed fruits, bread, and puddings are also recipes that can be made using the Fissler pressure cookers.

Just this year, the Fissler cookware line was unveiled in a retail exhibit in Chicago. It featured the Fissler pressure cookers and other kitchen tools, such as the skillet. All of these products, including the skillet, carried the distinct Fissler trademark and came in both non-stick and stainless settings.

In spite of having various kitchen offerings, Fissler pressure cookers are among the major products the Germany-based company is proud to have invented. Apart from being a stainless steel pressure cooker, Fissler pressure cookers have the added advantage of being highly compatible with cookware parts manufactured by other companies. Good examples of this are the Fissler pressure cookers of the Vitaquick 6-liter varieties, which can be conveniently covered by the 22-centimeter wide glass lids manufactured by Silampos.

As for the products themselves, Fissler pressure cookers are known to be available in several models, although two are considered more prominent. They include the Fissler Blue Point and the Fissler Vitaquick. The former boasts of two different cooking levels and has a thick, thermic base entirely covered in stainless steel. Operating this particular Fissler pressure cooker is trouble-free as it has four different safety mechanisms where pressure is released quite easily. It also boasts of a pressure indicator that gives off the appropriate signal when the cooking pressure has reached its limit.

Meanwhile, Fissler Vitaquick has the same features as the Fissler Blue Point, except for the steam basket. This is a Fissler cookware accessory that comes only with purchase of the Fissler Blue Point. Nevertheless, the Fissler Vitaquick is one pressure cooker model worth trying as well.

A renowned name in cookware from their inception over a century ago, Fissler pressure cookers are still predominantly used today. The durability of Fissler cookware, such as with the stainless steel pressure cooker, continually makes it an ideal option for those in need of dependable kitchen accessories and appliances.