Greenpan Ceramic Cookware Reviews


The favourite non-stick cookware is now ceramic and consumers are taking to it more and more. It is thought that Teflon is less healthy and so this coating is now being overlooked by many manufacturers. Providing it is well priced, then they are a good choice for many cooks. It is true that some other non-stick sets will be cheaper, but if there is a deal available, then ceramic is the way forward. Green Life is one such brand to look for and if the price is right should be reviewed and considered seriously.

GreenPan 12 Piece Rio Ceramic Non-Stick Cookware Set

With this 12-piece pan set you get:

  • 1 x 1qt saucepan
  • Lid for above
  • 1 x 2qt saucepan
  • Lid for above
  • 1 x 3qt saucepan
  • Lid for above
  • 1 x 5qt Casserole dish
  • Lid for above
  • 1 x 9.5” saute pan
  • Lid for above
  • 8” Frying Pan
  • 5” Frying Pan

There will certainly be colour in the kitchen if you purchase this collection. Black and cream look sublime together and when the cream is Thermolon non-stick ceramic coating then it is so much the better. When using the pans and dishes, there will be a meal presented that is going to be well cooked all over thanks to the optimal heat distribution. On top of that it is going to be easy to clean and will shine from tip to top.

The heat distribution is thanks to the aluminium base and the healthy option comes about as the Thermolon coating means that very little fat or oil has to be used even when frying. Once the meal is cooked, the phenolic handle ensures that the pans can be moved safely. The handles allow a secure grip and will not overheat on the stove.

The lids are made of tempered glass and this allows the user to see into the pan and determine how the cooking process is progressing.  A final touch is the drip free edge meaning that it is easy to drain out water or pour food from the pans.


  • Sturdy – the pans are strong enough to do the job but not so heavy that it is hard to lift them. Even when full of food or water, they can be taken from oven to plates or counters.
  • Range – there are all the pans that are needed to cook even the biggest meal. With such choice, it will never be hard to select the correct pan for the job in hand. With easy cleaning it will be possible to use the same one twice for the one meal.
  • Lids – most items are covered so there is no need to wait for one pan to be finished with before another one can be used. 4 can be used at once and still be covered.


  • Coating – there have been complaints that the non-stick coating starts to chip and peel. This is after a short term of use and even when they are used with nylon instruments and hand washed with care.
  • Paint – similar complaints have been made about the paint. Even when looked after it chips if it comes into the slightest contact with other items. It may not affect the taste of the food but it spoils the look of the pans.
  • Smell – sometime food has to be cooked at a high temperature and when this happens there is an odour. It is not that food is burning, but seems to emit from the pans.

Despite all the goo points that the pan set has, it has to be accepted that there have been problems for some when using them. It would not be right to say that they are the best pans money can buy, as if this was the case there would not be chips to the ceramic and the paint and there certainly would not be any sort of smell.

Cooking time could be extended as it will not be possible to use high heat and for items that need to be cooked quickly and at high heat, then they could have to be avoided. It will be a pity to choose the food you eat by the ability of the pans you use – it should be the other way around. Washing and storing has to be done carefully and you could have to set a section of the storage aside to ensure there is not contact with any other items. It could be that another brand will suit you better.