How does Induction Cooking work?


An induction cooktop really works hard. It is harder than you expected, perhaps. This type of cooker boasts of “stamina” that you could utilize in continuous hours without let up. However, it may be better to put limitations of time on its use when you have to.

We mean, give it some break when it runs for more than 8 hours (that may be also true to your other electrical appliances). There might be a lot of a time for your cooking, but induction cooker could really serve you well.

Principle of induction cooking

Before you enhance the capability of your induction cooker, it is probably best to know how this wonder of science and engineering works and give credence to your old recipes which are not bound to change when you use this type of burner.

How does Induction Cooking work?

Purely electrical, the induction cooktop is one invention that is ergonomically designed to address the needs of working people, busy moms, enterprising entrepreneurs and anyone who want quick, safe, clean and reliable and energy efficient cooking.

But how does this fascinating device works? And how it cooks with no fumes, no toxic chemical by-product and relatively safer than any other methods of cooking?

Induction cooker (or cooktop) operates mainly through the enhancement of electromagnetic field (EMF) or simply called magnetic field. It is common knowledge that magnetic field is an invisible natural occurring energy which is primarily the magnetic effect of electric currents and magnetic materials such as iron, cast iron and other ferrous metals. Earth itself produces its own magnetic fields which can be used for various purposes man wishes.

However, EMF could be produced electrically. Magnetic fields are usually produced by moving electric charges (basically alternating current or AC) and the essential magnetic moments of rudimentary particles creating intrinsic spins. The spinning movement of the electrical charge enables the creation of magnetic fields.

In an induction cooktop, a coil of copper wire is mounted below the surface of its glass-ceramic cover where metal cooking pots are placed. When the unit is turned on, an electric current passes between the pot and the copper coil wires resulting in a spinning (or oscillating) magnetic field.

The magnetic fields produced then magnetize the pot, just like the magnetic core of a transformer. The metal pot also acts as a resistant to smooth flow of magnetic fields between them (coil and the pot). This resistant creates heat that naturally heats the pot.

How effective is magnetic field in cooking?

Induction cooktop is considered a major breakthrough in cooking technology. It is one of the most important inventions in the 20th century. But how effective is this tool for cooking?

Compared to gas burners and other types of cooking, induction method is easier to control the temperature of the burner which could also achieve in increments with the introduction of modern controls. And these are not present with all of the conventional cooking methods.

Experts and satisfied users praised this cooker as it lessens the time for cooking by almost half the time compared to gas burners. However, only induction ready cook wares should be used to make this burner effective. Magnetic cook wares such as iron pans, steel pots and other cooking utensils are widely available among households.

As long as your cook wares are compatible with this cooker, it would not be difficult to attain the “miracle” in cooking that you long for. You can now enjoy the benefits of modern living by owning one of these fantastic products.