How to install induction cooktop?


Cooktop Installation?

The popularity of induction cooktops has in recent years gained momentum and quite rightly so, compared to gas and electric cooktops, induction cooktops have so many advantages. To start with, they cook food faster, they give you a chance to control the temperature you are cooking with and are far much energy efficient compared to gas and electricity cooktops. In addition to this, induction cooktops can be cleaned easily and offer better safety. However, the idea to install induction cooktop by hiring a professional may cost a lot of money. A DIY approach is therefore very encouraged and the following are some simple steps you can take to do this.

install induction cooktop

  • Remove The Old Cooktop

If you have a gas or electricity cooktop already, the first step is to remove it. After that you should clean off the surface and prepare for the installation of the induction cooktop. In case the cooktop you are replacing is bigger than the one you had, it is best to trim the surface so that it fits well.

  • Fitting The Cooktop

The Cooktop must fit as accurately as possible on the counter. It should actually sit snugly on the counter. There shouldn’t be any gaps around it for safety purposes. The best way to get the right fittings is to take the measurements of the cooktop and create the necessary exact space on the counter for it. You can also put the induction cooktop where the previous one was and then mark with a pencil the lines you will need to cut in order for it to fit properly. Once the fittings are ready, it is now time to drop the cooktop in its place.

  • Install The Cooktop

Installing the cooktop is easy especially if you have managed to get the fitting measurements right. It’s simply a case of dropping it into the space you created earlier and screwing it up. Take note of the holding plates that are located at the bottom of the induction cooktop. They must be screwed and fastened in order to keep the cooktop in place. Immediately you are done with this, then you will be almost done with a DIY approach in induction cooktop installation.

  • Connect The Electricity

The last step is of course connecting the cooktop to a power source. Before connecting anything, don’t forget to turn off the power for your own safety. This is perhaps the most dangerous part of the installation process. Although it is best to read the manual that comes with your cooktop, the colors of each wire should follow the standard wiring procedures. In case you are not sure about anything, consult a professional.

The idea to install induction cooktop on your own may at first look crazy but if you don’t have the money to hire a professional installer, then going all alone might be the only choice you have. The simple steps above are pretty basic but always remember to read the user manual very carefully before you start any DIY installation. Ultimately, if you have the right tools, the time and the will to do it, installing an induction cooktop should be easy for you.

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