How to repair a induction cooktop ?


Induction cooktops have made their separate place in most of the modern kitchens. Its an easiest and one of the fastest way of cooking food. But just like any other appliance induction cooktops are also prone to get electrical problems. Regular servicing is very essential in order to ensure that the cooktop remains in steady working state. But ever time contacting a professional to repair the cooktop can be very expensive option on the other hand learning to repair the cooktop yourself can solve your problem efficiently. A blown fuse is one of the most common problems with induction cooktops. But how to repair a induction cooktop? Here are the steps that can help you fix this problem:

How to repair a induction cooktop

  • Find out the Blown Fuse

Most commonly the cooktops are located under the surface of the induction. So to locate the fuse you will need to open the cooktop and get to the fuse. This is first step of your question of how to repair a induction cooktop? While doing this make sure that the induction cooktop is not switched on. As a precaution make sure that you use a rubber mat while opening the cooktop to remain safe. For opening the cooktop you will have to unscrew all the screws by using a screw driver.

  • Remove the Fuse

When the cooktop is open you will have to locate the fuse which is located close to the coil. Remove the screw from the cooktop and bring it out without damaging any metal parts. One should also avoid touching the fuse when it is in connected with the circuit as even after disconnecting it may still have some current left in it. Also make sure that no other parts are damaged or loosened while taking the fuse out.

  • Replace the Fuse

Once the blow fuse is taken out you will need to screw the new fuse to the cooktop. While replacing the fuse, make sure that the new fuse is of same make as the original one. Its very important that the replacement fuse which is going to be fitted in the cooktop has same voltage as the original one as if a fuse of higher voltage is used then it may burn out or trip which may cause a lot more damage to your induction cooktop.

  • Clean the Cooktop from Inside

Most of the times lot of dirt and dust gets accumulated in the inside of the cooktop. This dust could lead to the loose contact between different elements of the induction cooktop. Through cleaning of the induction is very essential in order to get your cooktop working properly. But it’s very essential that proper precaution is taken before cleaning the cooktop as even slightest damage could cause even bigger problems. Also its prohibited to use any liquid inside the induction.

  • Restore the induction cooktop surface

Once the fuse of the cooktop is replaced, refit the surface of the induction cooktop. Make sure that all the screws are properly fitted and all the connections are properly made. Also before starting wipe the surface of the cooktop clean. Start the cooktop to the minimal setting and then gradually increase it.