Induction vs. electric cooktop – All you Need to Know About


Today, we are available with a range of cooktops that are being used by people globally. Three most common types that a majority of people are aware of are gas stove tops, electric cooktops and induction cooktops.

Compare induction cooktop vs. electric cooktop

As the technology is advancing rapidly, people across the globe are also getting more inclined towards induction cooktops in contrast to those traditional gas stove tops and electric ones. There may be a number of reasons for this inclination.

According to the worldwide research, it has been studied that induction stove tops are considered as one of the most reliable and highly efficient appliances used for cooking. Here are a few considerable points to compare induction cooktop vs. electric and would surely make you more aware of the best cooking appliance for your kitchen.

induction cooktop

  • Improved Functionality

In contrast to those conventional electric cooktops, the contemporary induction cooktops have a number of improved functionalities. They are highly advanced in many ways such as manual adjustment of the cooking time, better heating facility, auto switch off option and the availability of various modes for different types of cooking.

  • Efficiency

When it comes to compare induction cooktop vs. electric focusing on the efficiency, the inductions come on the upper side. The amount of wasted energy produced by induction stove tops is significantly very less in contrast to the others, thus making them superbly efficient. A study has revealed that inductions are 89% efficient whereas the efficiency of electric cooktops is only 60%.

This is one of the crucial things to be considered to compare both these cooking appliances. Almost every electric stove top has an element which is heated up and the energy is transferred to the vessel to cook the food inside. However, inductions do not have the same workability. The heat is transferred using the blend of electricity and magnetic property of steel.

electric cooktop

Numerous people get burns using electric stove tops whereas while using induction cooktops the chances are considerably very rare. This is generally because the heat transfer is stopped instantly when the vessel is removed from the top which is not the case in electric burners. The inductions heat only the area where the cookware is placed.

The surroundings are also not heated while cooking on induction cooktops. Moreover, there are several models of induction cooktops available in which automatic power cut off functionality is provided for additional safety when the cookware is removed from the heat. This safety feature work wonders especially if you have children around while cooking.

  • Cleaning

While comparing induction cooktop vs. electric, cleaning inductions is absolutely hassle free and safe too. Cleaning these cooking appliances is as simple as you clean a counter top. You can clean these cooktops instantly after finishing cooking on induction stove tops whereas if you have electric cooking appliance, you need to wait for a while till it cools down and then start cleaning.

Majority of induction cooktops do not require any type of exclusive cleaning agent whereas most electric gas tops necessitate a specialist cleaning product. All you would need to clean your induction Cooktop is a damp cloth and a regular cleaning spray that you use regularly for other things in the kitchen.

  • Heating Adjustment

Having heating adjustment option is one of the biggest pros of induction stove tops whenever induction cooktop vs. electric is compared. Inductions provide flexibility to regulate the cooking temperature according to the food being cooked, which is not at all available in an electric stove top. Moreover, the cooking temperature is digitally displayed to be more precise.

After enough being enlightened about the benefits of induction cooktops over the electric ones, now let us explore the cons too. Inductions have only a single low point, which is the cost. These cooking appliances are much expensive in contrast to electric gas tops because of which a lot of people do not prefer getting induction stove tops.

Although inductions are absolutely safe and secured for energy efficient cooking and equipped with improved functionalities among various other advantages but the initial investment cost that a person needs to fetch out from the pocket seems like a barricade for many. So, you can also consider getting one accordingly.