Is induction cooking safe?


Induction cooktops are probably one of the safest methods of cooking. With the current development and innovations done by the manufacturers and their engineers, nothing compares to an induction cooker’s ability to give user the safest way to cook their food.

Here are some of the most advanced features most of the induction cooktop’s models had undergone through years of design perfection:

  • Cooktop surface made primarily from heat resistant ceramic-glass.
  • Frames made from non-corrosive stainless steel, cast iron coated with aluminum and other heat resistant materials.
  • The stove automatically shuts off in seconds when it sensed the absence of cookware on its surface.
  • Electronic parts are cooled via built-in cooling fan.
  • Magnetic induction does not involve flames or any electrical spark.
  • Induction surface remains cooler than gas flame or other electrical heating elements.
  • Controlling heat is automatic via digital selection buttons.
  • Heat could be manipulated via increments (different temperature settings for simmering, boiling, frying etc.)
  • The glass-ceramic surface is a poor conductor of heat that is why only a small fraction of heat is loss through the pot’s bottom.

Safety benefits of using induction cooktops

It is really a matter of preference for users whether they are more adaptable to conventional cooking than the modern ones. But the safety factors commonly equates with the use of this modern technology which is not only environment friendly, efficient, reliable and affordable.

Is induction cooking safe

Working moms, busy husband and wife, entrepreneurs who want their workplace (restaurants, bars and other fast-food chains) more safe and efficient and other safety-conscious people could rely and take advantage of this fantastic product.

Here are some of the safety benefits of using induction stove:

  • Not fire-hazard
  • Injury resulting from handling is too remote
  • Safe from children
  • No hazardous chemical fumes
  • Health-friendly product

Maintaining safety while using induction cooktop

Manufacturers really take time and effort in making the induction cooktops in top shape and ergonomically conducive with total safety for users in mind. While other cooking tools such as gas stoves, gas ranges and electrical heating coils have their own safety features, nothing could match the safety features of the modern induction cooktop.

To be able to maintain safety of use of this product, users are advice of the following common practices in the utilization of induction burners:

  • Read carefully and religiously the provided owner’s manual that come with the package.
  • Follow the instructions carefully.
  • Never leave the unit under structures without any roof.
  • Do not soak the stove in water.
  • Do not open any parts while the stove is plug.
  • Do not self-repair the unit, seek help from qualified personnel.
  • Be sure that the stove is placed on even surface while in operation.

Guarantee of safety

While most of the products are designed to withstand high temperature, prolong use exceeding 8 hours of uninterrupted utilization is not advisable though. Just like any other electrical products, the unit has to be allowed to cool and “rest” for a while.

Also, most of the current models are lightweight and portable, they could be brought and use anywhere provided the above bulleted points must be observed. The wonder of this product is that novice users will not have difficulties in mastering its usage where steps are simple and need no further explanations.

The salient features of the technologically advance induction cooktop of today does not only renders the other methods obsolete, but also shows that state-of-the-art innovations also come cheap and more affordable than ever.