Orgreenic Ceramic Cookware Reviews


Non-stick cookware is always going to be easy to use. At one time Teflon was the market leader, but this is changing. Cooks are turning to ceramic pots and pans, thanks to them being seen as the healthy option. With the right price, they are definitely worth trying and it is unlikely that many will go back. Traditional items are well priced; so, if Orgreenic sets are found at a good price then a review is a must.

Orgreenic Ceramic Coated Non-Stick Cookware Set (10 Piece) by BulbHead

This 10-piece set provides you with the following:

  • 8inch frying pan
  • 10 inch frying pan
  • Lid for above
  • 5qt sauce pot
  • Lid for above
  • 5qt sauce pot
  • Lid for above
  • 6qt sauce pot
  • Lid for above
  • Aluminium steamer insert

The hard anodized aluminium is the main construction material. Aluminium is ideal for anodizing and once done, the surface resists corrosion. As well as not corroding, the pans are durable and are going to last for a long time.  This construction material lacks PTFE and toxins. So it is the ideal product for the inside of pans that are going to be in direct contact with food.

Using these pans allow you to cook healthy meals regularly. There is no need to add grease, butter or oil, and despite this, nothing will stick to the pans. After cooking they will be a lot easier to clean and drains won’t get blocked as there is no fat to drain away. On top of this, all handles stay cool, meaning no risk of burns or blisters.

If seasoned when purchased, there will be no need to re-season for a long time. There is no need to put them in the dishwasher. Regardless of what you cook, you can wash pans by hand and cleared with a paper towel. As well as using them on the hob, the pans can go into the oven. No parts at all are wooden, so nothing is going to burn.  As this pan set is versatile, it will allow you to boil, sautee, fry and steam food.


  • Price – At present Amazon are selling the pans for just $74.99. If you are in the process of changing pans and don’t want Teflon products, these are a good choice and good value.
  • Cleaning – A quick wipe or basic wash is all that is needed. Nothing will stick to the surface so there is nothing that needs a severe cleaning. Left-over food slides off with ease. There is no need to put them through the dishwasher.
  • Non-stick – As well as being easy to clean the non-stick element means that food will turn out the way it is meant to. Nothing will burn and even cheese slides on to the plate directly.


  • Chips – Despite the claims, there are complaints that the pans are not completely scratch proof. Once there are a few, the pans start to look old and are not as attractive to use. There have even been comments about the outside of the pans chipping.
  • Overheating – There have been comments made regarding the handles heating up. This is both the handles on the pots and pans and on the lids. It will be best to use oven gloves when using. In some cases, there have been burns on the base of the cookware.
  • Sticking food – It seems that not all pots and pans are as non-stick as the manufacturer says. Some customers have found that they do need to use some form of oil or grease when cooking. Others have not done so and have brown marks inside the items.

As with many items, the claims are not always 100% in keeping with the reality. Scratches do appear and this will make the pans look old and not as desirable as they first were. The problems of overheating can be dealt with by using oven gloves, but this was not what customers expected when they bought their pans. For this reason, the set cannot be considered the top ceramic cookware on the market.

It appears that the pots and pans are true to the claims for a short period of time.  However with use, the problems become apparent. It will be best to keep the heat low to protect the outside of the pans. If there are too many issues to be faced, it may be best to use a stronger product that can take the knocks.