Orgreenic Green Non Stick Frying Pan Reviews


Now that it is true that the ceramic cookware is the favoured type, the aim is to find the best there is in the category. It is good to look for the best products, but the price must also be right. It will be worth reviewing any item that fits into both categories.

Orgreenic 12 in Frying Pan Ceramic Cookware Review

This is 12 inch frying pan that will help work wonders in the kitchen. No longer will there be the risk that food will stick to the pan. Knowing that the pan in question is green and safe will make every cook celebrate.

Orgreenic is extremely hard and durable cookware that is ceramic-coated. As it is non-stick, all methods of cooking can take place in this one frying pan. You can bake, boil, braise, sear, sauté and fry your food in these pans.

Looking after cookware is important and there are a number of factors that make Orgreenic pans ideal. The handles are made of aluminium. They do not heat up or burn; so; they will look as good after a couple of years as they did on the day they were bought. Cleaning is also easy as there is just the need to rinse the pan in water and then wipe it clean. A further bonus is the fact that there are no harmful PFOA – otherwise known as Perfluorooctanoic acid – and this is in certain other types of frying pans.


  • Sleek – Food does not stick to the inside of the pan meaning that food arrives on the plate in an edible state. It also means that cleaning is easy.
  • Handles – They will not burn and stay cool to allow the pan to be moved around the kitchen. There is also a helper handle and this stays cool as well.
  • Oven safe – As well as use on top of the oven, the pan can be put inside. This will allow additional cooking or the chance to keep the food warm while other items are cooking.


  • Chips – Despite what it says in the instructions, the pans can get chipped and this makes them look old and a little messy. This is the outside as well as the inside.
  • Sticking food – There have been reports that the pan is not as non-stick as it is claimed to be. For some users seasoning stops this but for others it happened after seasoning and will not stop.
  • Cleaning – Not all pans seem to appear clean even after you have washed them. As you cannot use many products on these pans, the arks will have to stay.

It is not possible to give a guarantee that the pan will work in the way that the manufacturer claims. Food can stick and chips could develop. so this cannot be classed as the best ceramic cookware on the market. Looking after the pan can be time-consuming and not everyone has the time to waste cleaning and seasoning. If this is the case, it may be best to use stainless steel cookware instead.