Should You Upgrade Your Cookware to Copper


Are you looking to upgrade your current cookware? If you are a gourmet cook, copper cookware would be a great option for you. It requires little upkeep, effectively distributes heat, and has an appealing appearance. Making it evident why this cookware would be a chef’s most prized equipment. Copper, in my opinion, is the finest cookware available that offers function as well as style. You will discover that if you make the same food in several different pans, a copper pan cooks the food thoroughly and at a better control. A great type of copper cookware is copper core. This cookware has a tri-ply configuration that gives it the benefits of copper, aluminum and stainless steel cookware.

Upgrade Your Cookware to Copper

  • Little Upkeep

If you decide to upgrade your current cookware to copper, there are a few things about its upkeep you need to know. If you are cleaning copper pans or pots and wanting to polish them thoroughly, you should use a commercial cleaning solution. If you are looking to eliminate scratches, use a copper paste, and you will see those imperfections disappear. This is also relevant to heavily oxidized copper cookware. If you happen to notice particles stuck on the pan’s surface, allow it to soak overnight. The next morning gives the surface a gentle rub with a net-covered sponge and wallah it’s back to new.

  • Effectively Distributes Heat

Unlike other cookware, copper has the capability to respond quickly to a change in temperature. This allows for an effective distribution of heat that allows you to cook your food evenly. You will have no need for worry over some food being cooked while the rest is raw. Furthermore, because the heat is distributed effectively, it helps prevent burnt spots which are a sign of poor quality cookware.

  • Rugged Beauty

Copper pans are very appealing to the eye with their complete red copper body. They can even become part of your kitchen’s decor. If you have a full hanging pot rack above a kitchen island, you can easily display them there and add vibrant color to your kitchen. However, if you do not have a hanging rack, you could easily display them on your kitchen wall by installing a mounted wall rack.

So once you decide that you want to purchase copper cookware, you must decide where to buy the cookware. One option is to locate and visit a store or shop in your area which sells kitchen merchandise. Most of these stores carry copper cookware. The benefit of going to a store or shop in your local area is getting to look at the pots and pans and see which ones fit you and your needs. If you are unable to locate a store near you, you can search the internet for online stores that carry cooking products. You can view pictures of the copper cookware they have available on their site. You can also compare the prices of several online stores with little effort. You may even find a site with discounted copper products. A few great brands to look for are All-Clad, Calphalon, Mauviel and Revere. Choose top rated copper cookware to grab more information.